It’s a familiar problem for electricians everywhere. During plastering, wet plaster finds its way into back boxes and dries into a solid mass that the electrician has to remove. But with BoxMate, digging out plaster becomes a thing of the past.

BoxMate is a temporary back box cover that keeps plaster out. Thanks to its unique design, BoxMate can adapt to minor variations in box size and shape. So BoxMate will stay in place when you leave site after first fix, and can be quickly removed when you return to fit the cover plates.

Instead of putting up with this …

… far better to work with this:



Save time and money. BoxMate costs users as little as 4p per use, when re-used four times.

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Key Features
  • Top tabs compress or deflect to accommodate variations in box height
  • Material compresses sideways to accommodate variations in box width
  • If the fit is very tight, the central tab can be opened before fitting to allow the BoxMate to compress even more. The tab can then be pushed back into place after the BoxMate has been fitted.
  • BoxMate can be re-used several times.

BoxMate comes in Single Gang and Double Gang versions.

Each size of BoxMate is available in the following pack quantities:

  • Bags of 25 (good as a trial pack, or for occasional users – sold to distributors in outers of 10 bags)
  • Cartons of 100 (more economical when working on a residential or commercial build)

Fitting BoxMate is simple.

Ensure cables are coiled up and tucked into the back of the box:


Rest the bottom edge of BoxMate on the bottom edge of the installed box:

Use both thumbs to press the top edge home. Make sure the BoxMate is pushed fully into the box and rests against the fixing lugs:


There is likely to be a skin of plaster on part of the face of the BoxMate. This can easily be removed with a few taps from a small hammer or a screwdriver handle:

Just push in the central door, hook your finger inside, and pull out the BoxMate:

… and the box is ready for wiring.


Packs and prices

Pack detailsPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
Bag of 25 – Single Gang (sold to distributors in outers of 10)£8.33£9.99
Bag of 25 – Double Gang (sold to distributors in outers of 10)£9.58£11.49
Box of 100  – Single Gang£20.83£24.99
Box of 100  – Double Gang£28.33£33.99
Outer carton - 10 x 25 Single Gang £83.25£99.90
Outer carton - 10 x 25 Double Gang £95.75£114.90

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BoxMate costs the end user as little as 4p per use, when re-used four times.

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Distributor info

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Re-use and recycling

  • Is BoxMate re-usable?
    Yes, BoxMate can be re-used several times. In tests BoxMate has been plastered over and successfully re-used up to six times, which brings the cost per use down to around 3.5p for the single size (when bought in boxes of 100). We can’t guarantee a set number, because of the variables involved. But if you follow the removal instructions, you should have no problem achieving at least 2 or 3 uses.
  • Is BoxMate recyclable?
    Not at the moment. We are in discussions with product life cycle specialists to see if a BoxMate collection and recycling system is viable.