SocketMate Starter Pack for Distributors


Our Starter Pack gives distributors the chance to try out the SocketMate
and see just how quickly they sell.

It includes a countertop display unit and an initial stock of six units (RRP £5.83 + VAT each).
The Starter Pack is priced at just £19.99 + VAT.


The display features a pivoting panel with a SocketMate fixed to it.
So your customers can see for themselves just how easy it is to use.


The side sections of the display unit explain the key features of the SocketMate to your Trade Counter visitors:

  • Flanged edge – easy to grip and remove

  • Contoured shape – for easy screwdriver access

  • Central bevel – so you can see the bubble from above, without having to crouch down

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This product is for sale to distributors only. Only one unit per branch. Usual distributor discounts do not apply to Starter Packs.


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