SocketMate is a handy addition to any electrician’s toolbox. Like all the best ideas, it’s extremely simple –
just push the SocketMate into the socket before fixing, then check the bubble vial before tightening the screw in the adjustable lug.

Whether it’s a single socket replacement, a full rewire, or a 1000-home new build, SocketMate saves electricians time. See below for video and images of the design features which make SocketMate so effective.



Flanged top – easy to pull out

Contoured profile — easy screwdriver access

Centre bevel — so the bubble can be viewed from above. No need to crouch down!

No need to re-adjust the socket to get it level – get it level first time with SocketMate!

SocketMate RRP for distributors is £4.99 + VAT  (£5.99 inc. VAT).

SocketMate is supplied mounted on PoS display cards with Eurohook slots.

We offer distributors a SocketMate Starter Pack
(1 countertop display unit + 6 SocketMates)
at a special package price of just £19.99 + VAT!

For more details on the SocketMate Starter Pack,  or to order your SocketMate Starter Pack, click here:
Starter Pack Info & Order

To order regular distributor supplies of SocketMates (cartons of 25 or 50), use the order box at the foot of this page.

Our LIST PRICES for distributor packs (before distributor discount) are:

Pack of 25:    £124.75
Pack of 50:    £249.50

Get your unique DISTRIBUTOR DISCOUNT code for your branch by e-mailing Then simply enter your code at checkout.

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