The Tilt Wrench is absolutely unique. It allows the user to access hard-to-reach fasteners without changing tools. As well as working like a standard ratchet, its drive shaft swings through 30⁰ – a big help in a tight spot.

In addition, the patented gear mechanism means the TiltWrench withstands a higher torque than an adaptor or many other alternatives. And, because the handle engages directly with the drive shaft, the TiltWrench has a more precise feel in operation than a flex-head wrench or a swivel wrench.

The TiltWrench comes with reversible action and socket quick-release as standard.

Key features

• Drive shaft swings 30⁰
• Fully torque-tested to ASME B107.110
• 74-tooth action
• Dust shield at base of shaft
• Socket shaft is directly driven- no hinges or swivels

Key benefits

• Easier access to hard-to-reach fasteners
• Increased knuckle clearance
• Tight ratcheting – just 4.9⁰ between clicks
• Precise feel and high torque
Pack detailsPrice excl. VATPrice incl. VAT
3/8" drive, wipe-clean chrome-plated handle£24.96£29.95
3/8" drive, moulded handle£24.96£29.95
1/2" drive, wipe-clean chrome-plated handle£28.25£33.90
1/2" drive, moulded handle£28.25£33.90

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